3D Invigorator for Photoshop

3D Invigorator for Photoshop

Create 3D logos in minutes within Photoshop

3D Invigorator gives you a true 3D environment inside Photoshop. With an amazing texture and render engine, you can quickly created stunning 3D logos and objects.

3D Invigorator is legendary in the video and film industry for its high quality images and its time-saving workflow features. Now this popular 3D design tool takes Photoshop's 3D capabilities to a whole new level.

3D Invigorator is really easy to work with. Just point to an Illustrator file, or type in some text, or choose a simple shape inside the plugin. The plugin immediately extrudes the object and makes a 3D wireframe. From there, you can sculpt your graphic into a 3D masterpiece by adding drag-and-drop materials, bevels and lights.

Invigorator has a full 3D environment for setting up objects and scenes. The interface makes it easy to create objects in minutes that would take hours in a normal 3D program. Once your 3D object is set up, you can view and rotate it from any angle. Use the fun and powerful tools in Invigorator for real-time changes that transform your text into amazing logos.

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• The OpenGL Renderer lets you see shadows and bump maps live in the Preview window.
• Vector editing/drawing program within Invigorator lets you easily create or edit shapes with familiar drawing tools.
• Create textures directly within Invigorator by layering noise types to create sophisticated, fast rendering, resolution-independent textures.
• GradientWerks creates gradients for a mind-boggling variety of colors to build 3D materials and styles.
• Improved Font Support: Postscript, TrueType, and OpenType fonts are now supported.


This feature will auto-create 3D models out of an image. Usually you have to measure the image, create a plane that's the proper proportions, create a material using the image and then apply the material to the plane. Whew, that's a lot of work!

The new auto-image creation feature lets you import an image and it will automatically do everything else for you. It's a one-click model creator and mapper function. In fact we super charged it so you can import an entire folder of images and turn every image in the folder into ready-to-animate 3D objects, again with one single click.



Use the new Grid Shader to easily create patterns or Bump, Transparency and Reflectivity Maps. Adjust Opacity values to have transparent lines or grids that can be blended with other designs.

This lets you easily set up background elements such as Marble or other tile flooring!




The 3D Invigorator Classic interface has been completely revamped. This lets you customize the workspaces in whatever ways you want, and allows you to jump from one workspace to another easily with the use of workspace buttons.

With the new workspace setup, you can open or close as many, or as few panels as you need. This enables you to create complex workspaces where you have access to all the controls at once, or set up simple workspaces where you only need a few controls at a time.

Resizable/Repositional panels lets you position every panel so that it's the right size and position. You can also preserve workspace by placing panels into tabs. To maximize a panel, hit the the ~ tilde key. This lets you quickly fine tune all those little details.

By being able to save and load your own workspaces, you have all your favorite workspaces at your fingertips.

"Looks like a lot of work went into this latest update. I think I’m most excited about the new GUI panels. Deformations look awesome! The drawing features seem like they could speed up a lot of work flow situations. Way to go guys!" - Ryan Snider.

"Wow! Im so excited for this new Invigorator. Awesome work Zax team." - Eric S.

"The UI looks sexy and modern." - Brennen"


Use familiar tools such as the Pen, Pencil, Shape, Text, and Selection to build and edit professional logos. New vector drawing tools such as the Auto-curve, Corner Rounding, and Parametric Shapes lets you build objects faster than ever. The Auto-curve tool is a Pen-tool that automatically smoothes out the curves that you draw. The Cornering tools allow you to drag on any corner, and transforms it into a rounded corner or curve. Customizable Parametric shapes enables you to create simple shapes quickly, and edit them by changing the parameters.

You can now edit imported Adobe Illustrator files directly within 3D Invigorator Classic. This means, if there's a little curve that needs tweaking, you can adjust the bezier curves right inside the drawing window. There's no need to switch between programs.

Many keyboard shortcut commands have been implemented so you can switch effortlessly between the most commonly used tools such as the pen tool, convert anchor point tools, or the point selection tools. Creating a cutout is also an easy process. Put shapes into the same layer, and by overlapping one shape with another, the program is smart enough to know which shape to cut out.

Draw bevels in the new Profile Editor window. Any shape or design you create in the profile editor instantly gets applied to your object. You can also save and load any custom bevels that you create, and edit the bevels with any of the vector tools in the drawing window.

"Wow, I can’t wait to dive into this version. So many great new features – warping, lathe objects, bezier that works like Photoshop’s (and NOT Illustrator’s). You also seem gloriously close to creating a stand-alone 3D app that is ACTUALLY intuitive to use…. Great job, Invig team!" - Kurt Murphy

"Heck yes! fan-freakin-tastic!!! not having to go to illustrator makes my day!" - Paul K.

"The interface looks great. Cool drawing tools." - Eran Stern"

"This really looks excellent! It also seems that you have worked to make the product less dependent on illustrator – which is a good thing!" - Andrew

"Looks like what we’ve been waiting for! Awesome!" - Regina"


The Object List allows you to quickly move objects from one Set to another by dragging. This lets you organize your objects quickly, and also set up parenting and grouping easily. The Object List Preview window also lets you preview your objects so you know exactly what you are editing.

The Editor View Sets enable you to save up to eight separate View Sets. Each View Set lets you customize layer settings such as the Layer Visibility, Lock, Editor Visibility, and Object Solo. Switch between different view sets to avoid having to toggle all the settings on and off over and over.

New Object Creation buttons allows you to create objects with just a single click. This also enables you to convert vector shapes to Lathe Objects, and vice versa, group and ungroup objects, and delete layers with ease.




The 3D text engine can use Post Script Type 1, True Type, and Open Type fonts that reside on your computer system to directly create 3D models using any of the 100 edge bevels included with the program.

The Font Preview list shows you what a font looks like, without having to first select the font. Using the up/down arrows, you can quickly preview your text with the selected font. To jump quickly to a font, type letters in the font list. Typing "t" will jump you to "Tahoma,"and adding an "r" will bring you to "Trebuchet".

Each letter can have its own font, size, kerning, tracking, baseline shift, horizontal and vertical scale, color, bevel, position and depth. But the most astounding hallmark to this feature is the ability to change the text at any phase of the production process and retain the color, modeling and animation. Also, with the new feature to save a Font Favorite, you can save all the font information such as the Font Size, Kerning, and Spacing.

This means that after the first version of a promo is created, 50 other versions can be created by simply changing the text. The new 3D text will retain the same coloring, text attributes, 3D beveling, texture map placement and even the animation data. This makes for an unbelievably fast production process when many changes or extra versions are needed.

In addition, 3D Text objects can be edited directly within the drawing window. This means you can edit the bezier curves of each text character to make instant changes to the shapes of the 3D text objects. But guess what? The text objects are still live, so if you need to make text changes, like fix spelling or add a word, you can still do it and all of your bezier edits will remain intact. What? That's right, this is the first and only place you can find this level of editability and flexibility in handling text.

"This is amazing doesn’t even look like the same program. I’m still licking my chops because of all the saliva." - David


Once you have created an object, you can select an Edge Style to give your object a particular look. 3D Invigorator ships with dozens of Edge Styles for you to choose from. 3D Invigorator PRO users can even draw their own custom edges.

Once you have selected your Edge Style, you can "split" an edge so the different materials can be applied to different parts of the object, giving you countless opportunties to customize your scene.




As you begin to use the 3D Invigorator, you may find that you'll want to reuse the style of one object on another. Object Styles make this easy. An Object Style is a collection of an Edge Style, Materials, Object Depth, and a few other parameters. You can save the Object Style of any object and apply it to another. You can even use one of the many new Object Styles that have been exclusively re-designed for 3D Invigorator version 6.


Plug-in for Photoshop

  • This plug-in only works in Adobe Photoshop.
  • It is not compatible with any other host.


  • Host: Adobe Photoshop CS5 - CC 2017
  • For users working with Photoshop CS4, please contact us for older versions of the plug-in.
  • Intel Mac Only
  • Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.11
  • A video card that supports floating point calculations.


  • Host: Adobe Photoshop CS5 - CC 2017
  • Pentium 4 or better
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • A video card that supports floating point calculations.

Version 6.1.1 Update

  • Compatible with Photoshop CS5 - CC 2014
  • Fixed crashes when adding/removing/converting points in the Object Drawing window.
  • Fixed an issue when duplicating more than 3 Text Blocks at the same time.
  • Fixed crashes when using the Undo command with certain commands in the Object Drawing window.
  • Path selection has been enhanced so it's now easier to select tiny objects in the Object Drawing window.
  • Fixes an issue where the background image will reset in size if adjusting the background opacity.

Version 6.1.0 Update

  • Compatible with Photoshop CS5 - CC 2014
  • Changes have been made to handle text editing under more situations allowing text to be freely edited while retaining its original position.
  • The user interface on Windows has been upgraded for a more modern look.
  • A blur function was added to the noise shaders making for better bump maps and a wider range of uses.
  • Bump maps have been made more dramatic... and useful.
  • The Specular channel is now full color ... good for metallic materials.
  • Material channels now show a "no" sign if they don't affect the material. This makes it very easy to see which channels are contributing to the look of the material.
  • The drawing window now automatically scrolls if you drag objects to the edge of the drawing area.
  • Fixes an issue where using the Color Picker when working on a Mac OSX Lion may cause the program to crash.
  • Fixes an issue on Lion where clicking the "little red ball" button may cause a crash.

Version 6.0.0 - Major Release

  • Compatible with Photoshop CS5, CS5.5, CS6
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / OSX 10.5.8 or above and Intel Mac Only
  • Grid Shaders - Create Grids or different line patterns. Useful for creating tiles.
  • Collect Files - Used to collect all media files that are being used by materials.
  • Import Images - Select images to import and they automatically get mapped onto 3D Planes. It's easier than ever to create 3D backgrounds.
  • Trace Background - In the Object Drawing window, use the "." command after tracing a background image to instantly transfer the background image onto the object you are tracing.
  • Increased Number for Sets and Layer Maps - Animate up to 16 Sets and apply up to 16 Layer Maps for your materials.

Version 5.1.0 Update

  • Compatible with Photoshop CS3 - CS6
  • Fixes compatibility with the Zapf Dingbat font so the preview shows up properly.
  • Fixes the Orthographic camera so you can now orbit using the camera.
  • Fixes a crash where if you move Text and use the Undo command, this may cause the program to crash.
  • Fixes an issue where using the Undo command after applying Object Styles may cause the program to crash.
  • Fixes a crash if you try to duplicate more than one Set.

Version 5.0.0 - Major Release

  • Compatible with Photoshop CS3 - CS5
  • Compatible with Windows XP and above / OSX 10.5.8 or above and Intel Mac Only
  • 3D Text & 3D Primitives
  • Improved 3D Text engine increases the compatibility with many font types.
  • Customizable Workspaces
  • Object List lets you select objects easily.
  • Integrated drawing window lets you use familiar tools such as the Pen, Pencil, Shape, Text, Selection to build and edit professional logos
  • Cornering and Auto-curve Pen tools allow you edit or draw curves with ease.
  • Use Gradient/Noise Shaders & Blend Modes to create sophisticated texture maps without having to leave the program.
  • New UV, Spherical, Planar, Cylindrical, Cubic, or Camera View mapping lets you create different looks for your 3D Objects.

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