Newsletter - October 2013

Zaxwerks Newsletter - October 2013
  • Announcement - 3D ProAnimator 7 Is Released
  • Announcement - 3D Invigorator 7 is Coming Soon
  • Eugene Gonzales Becomes The New Zaxwerks Featured Artist
  • Tutorial - Flare Controls - Part 1
  • Tutorial - Andrew Devis Shows How To Use 3D ProAnimator With Sony Vegas.
  • News - The Zaxwerks Site Goes Mobile Friendly
  • News - Production Post Podcast Interviews Zax
  • News - See Zax and Alex At DMALA In November
  • Review - Videomaker

New Release - 3D ProAnimator Version 7
The days of difficult to manage 3D lighting are gone! Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator 7 has invented new technology to make advanced lighting design and animation capabilities much easier than before. Using the same procedural animation engine that 3D ProAnimator is famous for, you can now create moving, flowing lighting sequences, coordinating the motion, brightness and color of hundreds of lights at the same time.
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3D Invigorator 7 is Coming Soon
Since 3D ProAnimator was just given a major upgrade we couldn't leave 3D Invigorator out of the fun.  Version 7 of 3D Invigorator is coming soon.  This upgrade is all about lighting, but it's lighting like you've never seen before. You'll get to create Lighting Rigs with flares, trusses, lighting fixtures, volumetric cones, all animated with your familiar After Effects keyframes, and all craftable in ways that would take you days of work if done in a standard 3D program.  The best part is that you can create all of these amazing looking 3D lights without ever leaving After Effects.
Eugene Gonzales Becomes The New Zaxwerks Featured Artist
Zaxwerks is excited to announce a new Featured Artist.  Eugene Gonzales, the art director from WTKR television in Norfolk, Virginia has stunned us with his amazing design skills.  Gene has been in the business for years so find out why he said, "If there is ever a deadline I use 3D Invigorator."
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Tutorial - Flare Controls - Part 1
With ProAnimator 7 now released it's time to learn more about the beautiful new Lens Flare features.  Part 1 of the Flare Controls series shows you some of the many design options available.  Included are ways of making flares react realistically based on how the lights are moving or changing brightness.  Find out more by watching this tutorial here.
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Tutorial - Andrew Devis Demonstrates Using 3D ProAnimator With Sony Vegas.
In this tutorial, Andrew Devis introduces Sony Vegas editors to the "deceptive simplicity" of Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator.  He gives an overview of the workflow and speed of the application as well as showing how to render out the final animation as an image sequence to bring the finished animation into Sony Vegas Pro for final compositing.
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News - The Zaxwerks Site Goes Mobile Friendly
Got a few minutes with only your smartphone, and want to catch up on the latest tips and tricks in the Zaxwerks world? Then you're in luck! The Zaxwerks website is now accessible through your mobile device. No more squinting to read the tiny text. Dial up and you will be automatically redirected to our mobile-friendly site, formatted for your smartphone viewing pleasure.
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News - Kevin McAuliffe's iTunes Podcast Interview
Kevin McAuliffe, host of The Post Podcast, sits down with Zax Dow, President of Zaxwerks, and talks about the evolving role of 3D in post production. They go into depth about why the difficulty of normal 3D programs drove Zax to create a better program, why a well designed workflow can be your best friend and the new features of ProAnimator 7 that made Kevin's mouth fall open when he first saw them.
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News - DMALA Appearance on November 19th.
Come see Zax and Alex in person, as they show how the 3D ProAnimator 7 release movie was made.  They'll also discuss the new features in 3D Invigorator 7.  Find them at the Digital Media Artists: Los Angeles meeting on November 19th.

Review - Videomaker
Check out this informative review of 3D ProAnimator 7, written by Emmy winner Chuck Peters, posted on the Videomaker website.
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