Newsletter - March 2014


Zaxwerks Newsletter - March 2014

Happy March!


Recently we released some behind-the-scenes videos. These videos are interviews with our founder, Zax, about what went into the development of the 3D ProAnimator software and how it has changed the way you work with animation. It's really interesting stuff straight from the mind of the creator himself.

This month's newsletter contains links to all the Behind The Scenes videos as well as the tutorials which explain how to use the features Zax talks about.

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Every Feature Has A Story: "ease controls"

This video contains the story behind 3D ProAnimator's Ease Controls. That doesn't sound very sexy, but sometimes it's the little things that count. Find out why standard Ease In and Ease Out controls stink, why they needed to be reinvented, and how a re-think can produce some startling increases in productivity and ease of use.

Click here to watch the video.

Every Feature Has A Story: "motion paths"

The second video is the story behind motion paths. Until 3D ProAnimator, motion paths were just the by-products of keyframe placement. This is the story of how motion paths were reinvented so their shapes could become design elements, and an object's motion could become much more interesting to watch.

Click here to watch the video.

Every Feature Has A Story: "made for the little guy"

In "made for the little guy" learn what brought Zax to the breaking point and why 3D ProAnimator was created in the first place.

Click here to watch the video.

Every Feature Has A Story: "poses and transitions"

In "poses and transitions" find out why keyframes needed to be reinvented and how doing so created a system that was faster and easier than anything done before.

Click here to watch the video.

Every Feature Has A Story: "the chopping block"

In "the chopping block" find out how 3D ProAnimator creates a completely new twist on the idea of blowing things up, turning a one trick pony into a unique design tool that lets you create animations like you've never seen before.

Click here to watch the video.

Every Feature Has A Story: "click less. do more."

In "click less, do more" learn how 3D ProAnimator's tools do more with every click. By dramatically reducing the number of clicks, production and learning speed become much faster than is possible with other programs.

Click here to watch the video.

Tutorial - Ease Controls

In this tutorial discover the power hidden inside 3D ProAnimator's ease controls. Learn how to fine tune an object's speed and how to change hundreds of keyframes with a single slider. Say goodbye to function curves.

Click here to watch the tutorial.

Tutorial - The Mysteries Of The Path Controls

In this tutorial we reveal the mysteries of 3D ProAnimator's motion path controls. Learn how to make your objects swarm, drop, flow and cascade without having to set a single keyframe.

Click here to watch the tutorial.

Tutorial - Poses & Transitions vs. Keyframes

Keyframes are the enemy of flexibility and can make your life miserable. Learn why Poses and Transitions are the perfect replacement for keyframes and will increase both your flexibility and your production speed.

Click here to watch the tutorial.

Tutorial - Fragmentation In Depth

Fragmentation is often seen as the end result of blowing things up. This is a very limited and short-sighted view. Learn how 3D ProAnimator unleashes new ideas by letting you use fragmentation as a design tool. If you want to create animations no-one has seen, this is how you do it.

Click here to watch the tutorial.


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