Newsletter - July 2013

Zaxwerks Newsletter - July 2013
  • Announcement - Coming Soon - 3D ProAnimator v7
  • Customer Stories - Brent Willett Sounds Off
  • Tutorials - Creating a Hollywood Searchlight
  • Reviews - 10 Essential After Effects Plug-ins
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Announcement - Coming Soon - 3D ProAnimator v7
Version 7 of 3D ProAnimator is coming soon, and is filled with new features. This upgrade is all about lighting, but it's lighting like you've never seen before. You'll get to create Lighting Rigs with flares, trusses, lighting fixtures, volumetric cones, all animated without using keyframes, and all craftable in ways that would take you days of work if done in a standard 3D program.

Here's a teaser video showing some of the new features in action. When you watch this video keep in mind that the program is creating everything you see on the fly. There is no modeling or keyframes involved, and there are only 3 lighting tracks.
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Customer Stories - Brent Willett Sounds Off
Brent Willett is at it again. As a follow up after his Featured Artist profile, Brent has won a Telly Award. Congratulations Brent! He's also created another animation to show us. This is a dynamic promo for a show called Sound Off. It combines 3D ProAnimator, Fragmentation, 3D Serpentine and 3D Flag in a veritable cornucopia of Zaxwerks imagery.
Check out this fantastic piece of work here.
Tutorials - Creating a Hollywood Searchlight
The forthcoming ProAnimator v7 has lighting controls that are so easy to use yet so powerful. Here is a preview tutorial showing how to build a Hollywood Searchlight, including the rigging, the fixtures, the visable light rays, and the animation. All in under 5 minutes.
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Reviews - Creative Bloq's review of 3D Invigorator
A number of reviews have come out since our last newsletter. One from says: 3D Invigorator greatly simplifies the 3D animation process, eliminating time-consuming keyframes, providing sophisticated tools and real-time motion feedback.
Read the entire review here.
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