Newsletter - January 2014

Zaxwerks, Not Your Ordinary Newsletter - January 2014

As you might have guessed from the subject line, the Zaxwerks newsletter has changed. We decided that since we aren't a giant company we shouldn't put out a newsletter that acts like we are. Instead, we've put a little more personality into the writing so it's more fun to read and hopefully teaches you more at the same time. Enjoy!

  • Announcement - 3D Invigorator 7 Is Shipping!
  • Tutorial - Import A 3D OBJ Model Into After Effects In 3 Steps
  • Tutorial - Shield Your Eyes! Flare Controls - Parts 3 and 4
  • Video Inspiration - Scott Novasic's Green Bay Packers

Happy New Year! In this issue we have something useful, something inspiring and something that will help raise your game. Read on!

Wait! Before you do that, did we mention that...
The Holiday Special Is Almost Over!
'Tis the season of giving. It's the time of year to give, and Zaxwerks is filled with holiday cheer (and egg nog). Take advantage of our kind hearts and receive 25% off any new purchase and 15% off any upgrade or bundle. Hurry because this deal ends in a week. Just enter the code: HOLIDAY2013 at check out and receive your merry discount.
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Now, on to the cool stuff!
3D Invigorator PRO 7 Is Shipping!
3D is here and it's here to stay. The question isn't if you need to have 3D capabilities, it's whether you have time to chug through one of those difficult 3D programs. Some companies are even giving away learning copies of their 3D program. Know why? It's because they are so danged hard to learn they figure that once you've logged 2000 hours to learn it you'll be hooked.

Our idea is to take 1995 of those hours and spend them on something worthwhile, and in the meantime learn 3D Invigorator PRO. It's the program that you can use to create billable work in a sub-fraction of the time it takes to learn anything else.

We just released a major upgrade that will help your work dazzle and delight your viewers. We have a video you can watch that shows you the new features...
Click here to watch the overview video.

... or you can click here to read about the new features and imagine what it would be like to use them yourself. Clients cheering... shaking hands... more jobs... fill in the blanks.
Click here to find out more.

How To Import 3D OBJ Models Directly Into After Effects
This tutorial should really be called: How To Import A 3D Object Into After Effects And Still Have Time For Lunch

You know why other 3D programs take so long to learn? It's their process. It takes too many steps to do things. That's why Zaxwerks software is different. We have a more streamlined process. Process is something we actually care about.

How about an example. Let's say you don't want to learn how to model a car, all you want is to put a 3D car into your After Effects project. Do you want the 30 step process or the 3 step process?

If you want the 30 step process click here:

If you want the 3 step process click here to watch Alex do it... live...while you watch... really...why are you still reading?!...go watch the video!
Click here to watch the tutorial

We Love Flares. Yes We Do. We Love Flares. How 'bout You?
Did you watch parts 1 and 2 of the flare tutorials and are craving more? Well you're in luck. Zax digs into the guts of the flare editor and shows you how to bend it to your will. Shiver with delight as you create your own spikes. Bask in the awesomeness of the glows. Learn how to create flares that even your most snobby clients will begrudgingly say are "kewl."
Watch Flare tutorial part 3.
Watch Flare tutorial part 4.

Video Inspiration - Scott Novasic's Green Bay Packers
The Green Bay Packers had an incredible comeback season. Watch this inspirational video created by Green Bay Ultra Fan, Scott Novasic. Done entirely with Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator, this video is a musical montage of fluid animation and ray-traced reflections.

This animation is one of those that you think took a million years to do. Frankly it really would have taken that long if done in any other 3D program. We estimate it would have taken a good 10,000 keyframes to do everything you see. But 3D ProAnimator doesn't use keyframes. And the results are dramatic.

If you ever wanted to look like you worked really hard on something, but only had to work a little hard, this is the program that will get you there.

Oh, one other thing. When you watch this, remember that everything you are seeing happened directly inside of After Effects. No round-tripping. No re-rendering. Just smoooooth, happy workflow.
Click here to watch Scott's movie.


Thanks for reading. And remember, you only have one more week to get 25% off any new purchase. So go buy something at

Zax Dow
Zaxwerks, Inc.