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On the Mac, after entering the authorization code, I get an error message that says "Unable to write the Zaxwerks security file. You must be logged in as an Admin to enter the authorization code".

First, quit the software. If you are running a Zaxwerks plug-in inside of Adobe After Effects, quit After Effects. If you are running ProAnimator as a standalone, quit ProAnimator.

Then make sure you set your "Ownership & Permissions" setting to "Read & Write". To do this, go to the folder that contains the Zaxwerks software, then use the "File > Get Info" command.


Next check your "Root Hard Drive > Library > Preferences" and make sure the "Read & Write" permissions are allowed here as well. Afterwards, go to your "User > Library > Preferences" file, and be sure you have "Read & Write" permissions.


Restart your computer.

If you were having trouble with the ProAnimator standalone, launch ProAnimator and enter your authorization code.

If you were having trouble with a plug-in, launch Adobe After Effects. Apply the plug-in and enter the authorization code.

If you set the "Read & Write" permissions correctly, you should haven't any further issues after the code has been accepted.


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