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During installation, I see an error message saying "Sorry, we do not have installation files for this product."

If you see this error message, you may be running into one of the following situations:

1- You are installing the software on an operating system or a version of After Effects that is not supported. For example, if you are trying to install ProAnimator version 7 onto a computer that is running OSX 10.5, you will see this error message. Likewise, if you are trying to install ProAnimator 7 for After Effects CS3, you will see this error message as well.

Check the System Requirements page and be sure your computer fulfills the minimum requirements.

2- You may be running the installer on a remote location such as a portable hard drive, flash drive, or on a network. Try moving the installer onto the desktop, then run the installer. If you have installed After Effects onto a different hard drive, be sure to target the correct location such as D:\Adobe\After Effects\Support Files\Plug-ins. An alternative would be to create the folder structure on your local hard drive, then after the installation, move the files over to where you have installed the software.


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