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How do I install the software?

To install the plug-in or the standalone application, run the installer by double clicking on its icon. Follow the steps presented within the installer to go through the installation process.

- Unidentified Developer - Sometimes on the Mac you will see a message saying the installer cannot be run because it is from an unidentified developer.  If you see this message, close the message window, then Right-click (or Command click) on the installer icon and click the Open command from the floating menu.  You will see the same warning message but this time it will have an Open button.  Click the Open button and the installer will install the software.

- If you are installing a plug-in for After Effects, the plug-in is automatically placed into the After Effects Plug-ins folder. If you are installing the standalone application, the standalone application is placed into the "Program Files" folder on Windows and the "Applications" folder on the Mac.

To see our installation video tutorials, click HERE.

- Sometimes, usually due to your security settings, the automatic installation fails.  If that happens, follow the steps below.

First, check if the program you are trying to install is a standalone, or a plug-in.

If you are installing a standalone program such as ProModeler or ProAnimator, find the location where you want to install the software. On the Mac, find the Applications folder, and on the PC find the Program Files folder. Make sure the files have been unzipped. The installer won't work if it is still inside the zip file. Keep the extracted files together. Move the extracted folder into the Applications folder on the Mac, or the Program Files folder on the PC. When you first launch the software, you will be prompted to key in your authorization code.

If you are installing a plug-in, locate the Plug-ins folder for the application you are trying to install to. If the program is zipped, extract all the contents, and move the extracted folder to the After Effects Plug-ins folder. Once installed, launch After Effects, Create a New Solid, then apply the Zaxwerks Plug-in to that solid. You will be asked to key in your authorization code.

Note: If you are entering a temporary authorization key, after the install, do NOT attempt to move your software. If you move your software, it will invalidate your temporary authorization key.


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