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When making changes in 3D Flag, the flag animation is not updating.

When making changes such as updating the After Effects Camera, or changing keyframes, you may find that the 3D Flag animation is not updating.

When this happens, you may be running into a caching issue in After Effects CS6 Version 11.0.0. Be sure to download the update to After Effects Version 11.0.2 or above for the fixes to the caching issues.

If you are running into other cases where the caching causes the plug-in to not update properly, there are three ways to manually update the plug-in:

1) Toggle the "Simulation On" check box off and on.

2) Go in and out of the Flag Setup window.

3) Click on the "Update Tracking" button.

Once you manual update the Flag plug-in, you will be able to see all the changes that have been applied to 3D Flag.


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