Newsletter - December 2013

Zaxwerks Newsletter - December 2013
  • Announcement – 3D Invigorator PRO v7 Released!
  • Announcement – Holiday Special Pricing!
  • Announcement – 3D ProAnimator 7 Now Shipping.
  • Announcement – Zaxwerks Safety Net Service Is Now Available
  • Tutorial – Creating A Project From Scratch in 3D ProAnimator 7
  • Tutorial – Flare Controls - Parts 1 And 2
  • Tutorial – Building A 3D iPhone In After Effects Parts 1 And 2


The Zaxwerks team has been hard at work creating features so you can work faster, get more done and create images that look fresh and eye-catching.

This December, Zaxwerks is proud to announce the release of 2 new products, and a service that will remove the fear of starting a new project. Read more
below to find out the details.

3D Invigorator PRO 7 Released!
Since ProAnimator was just given a major upgrade we couldn't leave 3D Invigorator out of the fun.  Version 7 of 3D Invigorator PRO is here and better than ever.  This upgrade is all about lighting, but it's lighting like you've never seen before. You get to create Lighting Rigs with flares, trusses, lighting fixtures, volumetric cones, all animated with familiar After Effects keyframes, and all craftable in ways that would cause major headaches if done in a standard 3D program.  You can even apply these light effects to After Effects' own lights. The best part is that you create all of these amazing looking 3D lights without ever leaving After Effects!
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Holiday Special!
‘Tis the season of giving and Zaxwerks is filled with holiday cheer. Take advantage of our holiday spirit and receive 25% off any new purchase or 15% off any upgrade or bundle deal. Hurry, because this deal is only here for the holidays. Just enter the code: HOLIDAY2013 at check out to receive your merry discount.
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3D ProAnimator 7 Now Shipping
Just in case you missed the big news…we thought we’d remind you! 3D ProAnimator 7 has been released with major upgrades. We've made stage and concert lighting so easy you won't believe it until you use it yourself. Hey, that's a great idea. You should try it! Give it a shot and find out how this award winning software can make your projects look incredible.
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Introducing Zaxwerks Safety Net
When you learn new software, getting your first project started can be a little daunting.  To help guide you, Zaxwerks offers our Safety Net service.  We will help to get you going, make sure you stay on the right track, and get your project done without getting overwhelmed in the process.
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Tutorial - 3D ProAnimator 7 Start To Finish Project
Want some help getting your first project started? Follow along as Alex takes you through a step by step tutorial of building a full lighting scene with lens flares, light beams and so much more.
Click here to watch the tutorial.
Tutorial - It’s All About The Flare
In these two videos, Zax walks you through the ins and outs of Flares. Learn how to apply flares, control when they appear, customize them and make them match the light sources they are coming from.
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Tutorial - Building A 3D iPhone 5S In After Effects
In these two videos, Alex takes you through the steps of building an iPhone and animating a video on its screen, all right inside of After Effects. Learn how easy it is to model in 3D ProAnimator, and how to use After Effects layers as textures on 3D objects.
Click here to watch the iPhone tutorial part 1.
Click here to watch the iPhone tutorial part 2.