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In 3D Invigorator or ProAnimator, I get a crash when I go into the 3D Text window.

This means you have a bad font on your system font folder. To see which font is causing the issue, go to your fonts folder.

Mac: "Root Hard Drive > Library > Fonts"
Windows: "C: > Windows > Systems > Fonts"

Take out all the fonts from the fonts folder, and put them back one group at a time. You may want to put in a quarter (1/4) of your fonts at a time. If the program crashes after you place the first group of fonts in, then you know the bad font is in the first group of fonts. You can then isolate the fonts further to find out which font is the bad font. If the program does not crash when you put a group of fonts in, then the bad font is not in that group of fonts.

The following font(s) may cause a crash on your system:


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