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I get random crashes and freezes when working inside of After Effects.

Sometimes, the preferences file inside of After Effects can get corrupted and can cause frequent crashes. To reset the preferences file, you can delete the preferences file located below:

For Mac: Users/User Name/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects

For Windows: C:Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\AdobeAfter Effects

You will see a folder corresponding to your version of After Effects, which contains the preferences file. For example, a 7.0 folder for CS2 with "Adobe After Effects 7.0 Prefs.txt". Once you delete the preferences file, launch After Effects and the preferences file will be reset.

Keep in mind to never work with an After Effects crash file. This means, when After Effects crashes, it will allow you to save the project file. If you save the file and continue working with the project file, this project file will be corrupted and very prone to additional crashes.


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