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Crashes during startup or during rendering.

Get the latest version of your video card driver from the manufacturer's website. The drivers shipped with the operating system are often very old.

If you are using your OEMs latest drivers and the problems persist, go to the video card manufacturer's site and try the drivers offered there.

Here are links to some video card manufacturers:

nVidia -


3D Labs -


Also, you may be running a conflict with the Multi-Threaded Rendering setting in the ProAnimator Preferences window. Try turning this setting off while rendering. If you are rendering within After Effects, try turning off the Use Multiprocessor setting and render the project.

If you are running into out of memory issues or want to allocate more memory to Invigorator/ProAnimator, increase or maximize the setting for "RAM reserved for other applications". This allows Invigorator/ProAnimator to have extra memory to work with and may resolve any out of memory issues.

If you are working with ProAnimator, you can also try turning off the Use Multithreaded Rendering setting in the Preferences window and see if this helps.


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