v8.6 ProAnimator and Invigorator Released

Posted by Alex 03/24/2015 1 Comment(s) 3D ProAnimator,3D Invigorator PRO,

We love our users! We love them so much that we are GIVING AWAY our next software upgrade for FREE (must already own version 8). Version 8.6 of 3D ProAnimator and 3D Invigorator PRO have some amazing new features.  They also have lots of bug fixes to make the software faster and more stable.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Added: global reflections. You can now use a single map for all reflections in the scene.
  • Added: global reflection rotation. By setting a rate of rotation the global reflection will keep moving so the reflections don't go dead when objects stop moving.
  • You can now parent Light Tracks to Objects so an object can carry a lighting track along with it. This is especially good for adding blinking lights to graphics.
  • Added a new type of auto-rotation for lens flares that enables you to make flares trace the edges of 3D objects.
  • Materials can now be dropped onto trusses and each truss can have its own material.
  • Fragmented objects render much faster.
  • Added foreground compositing, so you can overlay screen UI or pre-rendered scene elements.

And if you're interested in the bug fixes:

  • Fixed memory leaks, especially when using motion blur or depth of field, that were causing crashes during long renders.
  • Lots of stability fixes.
  • On the Mac you can now load a project file by dragging the project file onto the application icon.
  • The split arrows now stick to the end of your cursor better.
  • AutoSave files are now cleaned up better.
  • Shape tools can now be used to draw custom profiles without crashing.
  • Reflections using multiple shaders now render properly.
  • Fragmented objects new render better using the OpenGL renderer.
  • Stretched glows are no longer clipped.
  • Selecting and editing objects that are children of other objects works better.

If you are a current user of version 8 you can get the new 8.6 version for free. zaxwerks.com/downloadsoftware

If you're not then go download the free demo version and find out what all the buzz is about! zaxwerks.com/downloadsoftware

Go download it now, and tell your friends about what a nice company Zaxwerks is.

1 Comment(s)

John De Carteret:
04/28/2015, 12:44:38 AM

Hi Guys, Another great upgrade from Zaxwerks and FREE!!! Is it really my birthday. Having great fun with version 8 of ProAnimator BUTT!!! Come on guys where is the next tutorial? I want to learn more, more, more! Plus I have my first paying client and he is impressed by ProAnimator and I want to keep it that way. So far I have been able to give him all he wants and more and on the fly. Drawn, Animated and rendered all in minutes. Okay it is mainly text animations, but rendered and over layed with the background video is not bad in minutes. ProAnimator 8 rocks, just as I always knew it would! Regards John Nova Recordings

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