Top 10 Reason To Purchase 3D Flag v4

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When you as a user make a decision to purchase a piece of software you have to decide "Will this purchase make me money?" Here are 10 huge reasons as to how 3D Flag v3 will not only make you money, but will actually save you money.

#10: Bring Still Images To Life
Client wants an exterior shot but doesn't have the budget to fly your crew to his location? No problem. Just get a still photo, add a 3D Flag on a flagpole and do a slow push. Presto! Instant live footage for pennies.

#9: Loopable Flag Animations
3D Flag does what no other cloth simulator on the planet can do. It can make loopable flag animations! It takes some serious rocket science under the hood, but we made it one-click easy.

#8: Realistic Curtains & Banners
Seriously? Curtains? Yep. Open 'em. Close 'em. Drop 'em. Real cloth for a real look. Better than stock video because you can set the lighting, change the material and the texture. Spot lights? Skim lights? Leopard print curtains? Even banners of your favorite movie stars. What sort of eye candy could you use in your next project?

#7: Use It With The Newest After Effects
The new 3D Flag is fully compatible with the latest versions of Adobe After Effects, Mac and Windows, as well as After Effects CS6.

#6: Realistic Flags Without A Physics Degree
People can tell "real" when they see it. Trying to fake a "flag look" is a good way to get laughed at. Zaxwerks 3D Flag is real physics. The cloth reacts to wind, gravity and cloth type. It gives you real physics power at the press of a button.

#5: 100% Free Technical Support
We're one of the few software companies that still have free phone support. Call or write, we are ready to help. Ya gotta love that!

#4: Different Pictures On Front And Back
Another thing that you can't get anywhere else. Putting a second image on the back of the flag gives you great design possibilities. Show two sides to every story.

#3: Drag and Drop Flag Presets
Create textured flags, tattered flags, pennants, banners, even flags with holes and save them to your personal flag presets bin ready to re-use with a drag and drop. Amazing workflow.

#2: Real 3D Flag Poles, Stands and Fineals
Want to know a secret? 3D Flag is actually a real 3D program disguised as a plug-in. Since it's real 3D we get to add all the other parts that come with real flags. We've included wood and steel poles, a variety of stands and holders, even gold end caps and fleur-de-lis. And get this, you can import 3D objects! This means you could put a 3D flag on the antenna of a car. What? Using a whole car as a flag stand! That's just crazy talk!

#1: No 3D Experience Required
Doing an effect like this usually requires a big 3D program and lots of experience. Zaxwerks 3D flag is the opposite of that. You get a big, cool look really fast and really easy.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade for $75 before the price goes back up.

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself! Download the demo.

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