Top 10 Reasons To Upgrade To Invigorator PRO 8

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When you make a decision to purchase a piece of software you have to decide "Will this purchase be worth the money?" Here are 10 huge reasons why 3D Invigorator PRO 8 is not only worth the money but may end up saving you more than its price.

#10: A 3D Program For 2D Minds
Invigorator PRO's drawing window is very similar to Adobe Illustrator. If you know how to draw bezier curves you will be creating 3D objects right away. It all makes sense.

#9: Comfortability
Learning new software is like staring into a black box. You don't know what headaches you'll encounter so you never try. Invigorator PRO rewards your investment of time with dazzling graphics and ease of use. Most of the tools feel like old friends after a few uses. Like a comfortable sofa.

#8: Extremely Fast Customization
Everything in Invigorator PRO stays live, so you can change anything at any time without causing yourself a lot of rework.

#7: Plays Well With Others
Invigorator PRO uses Adobe After Effects cameras and lights and it imports and exports five different 3D model formats as well as importing .ai and .eps vectors.

#6: Easy To Learn
Most 3D programs take years to learn all of the complicated bells and whistles, but that's not the case with Invigorator PRO. Most folks are creating beautiful work the very first day they use it.

#5: 100% Free Technical Support
We're one of the few software companies that still have free phone support. Call or write, we are ready to help. Ya gotta love that!

#4: Do More With Fewer Clicks
The more clicks it takes to finish a project, the more complicated the software and the more time a project will take. Zaxwerks has re-invented 3D production to create a workflow that clearly gets more done with every click.

#3: Auto-Versioning
Have you ever done a job where you needed to create many graphics in the same style? With Invigorator PRO's auto-versioning features it allows you to set up the project once then sit back while the next hundred get rendered out, each one a customized animation.

#2: Fastest Ray Trace Renderer In Motion Graphics
Speed is huge! That's why we figure if you're going to use a renderer, why not use the fastest there is. Seriously. Speed is no joke.

#1: Eye Candy On A Budget
The number one reason to upgrade to Invigorator PRO 8 is to create Eye Candy, lots of it, and without having to pay thousands to do it. Invigorator PRO is so affordable and useful it seems wrong not to own it.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade here for $119.

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself. Download the demo.

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