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Posted by Laureen 09/22/2014 0 Comment(s) 3D ProAnimator,

We've been doing a lot of tutorials lately but we've been getting comments that it would be really nice to have a more complete course. One that will take you step by step through the entire process.  Well you spoke and we listened!

Today we are releasing a preview of the course to get your creative juices flowing. The two videos cover mostly the same material, but one is for the ProAnimator stand-alone and one is for the ProAnimator plug-in for After Effects.

This movie is the first tutorial from the course and it's called "How To Create An Entire 3D Title Animation In 2 Minutes".  Of course the tutorial really takes about 30 minutes because of all the talking that Zax does along the way. (ha.)  It introduces you to the major concepts in creating an animation and gives little tips and tricks that will save you time. 

If you are a beginning user it's a must to watch.  If you are more experienced it's something to watch during your lunch break as you never know if there's a little something you'll pick up just by watching someone else operate the program.

The rest of the course will be released very soon. Be sure to sign up for the course so you'll be notified when it's ready to go!

3D ProAnimator Up And Running - Chapter 2 - Tutorial 1A (Standalone Version)

3D ProAnimator Up And Running - Chapter 2 - Tutorial 1B (After Effects Plug-in Version)

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