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The experts at the VFXer website have taken a look at ProAnimator 8 and pronounced it good! They've done a detailed review of the software and posted it on their site Remember, these guys come from a high-end viewpoint where production quality and speed are everything.

The reviewer is also proficient in Element 3D and Cinema 4D and took the time to point out the advantages of ProAnimator compared to those two programs.

"I've spent the last few weeks experimenting with ProAnimator 8. Having not used ProAnimator before, I was surprised by what the software had to offer."

"The ray trace renderer has been completely re-written for ProAnimator 8 and the speed is extremely impressive - even on older machines."

"The impressive part of the ambient occlusion, image-based lighting and camera focus effects is that they don't appear to slow down the render time at all, which they tend to do with other 3D software."

"ProAnimator 8 is a no-brainer purchase if you are a video editor or graphic designer who wants to use 3D design elements, or you are a working motion artist who does a lot of broadcast and corporate work. The software will save you a huge amount of time and will pay for itself in no time at all."

"For motion design work, I don't know of any other 3D tool that would allow you to get the job done as fast as ProAnimator 8."

Not too shabby!

To read the complete review, as well as watch some fine tutorials, get free downloads and other goodies, go to the website here:

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