Sneak Peek! 3D ProAnimator 8 - New Features Revealed (Part 4)

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Can you believe that we are already on the fourth set of new features for 3D ProAnimator 8! We told you this was a big release, right? But eight major new features in one release is crazy! It's like a treasure chest of goodies. Every feature is a gem designed to get your work done faster and make more beautiful images.

If for some reason you missed a feature or two, you can find email links to the first three announcements at the bottom of this email. Believe me you will want to discover just how special the Reactor Rendering System, and all the other great new features are. During this next week we'll continue to sell v7, but you'll get v8 for free once it ships.

Today's two big new features are focused on increasing the production quality by making your scene look more interesting. In earlier emails we revealed features that make your work look more real. Well these two do that too but in a different way. Today's big new features focus on randomness and texture.

So let's take a look.

New Feature #7: Randomize Yourself Silly

Randomize any object's scale, rotation or location.

Nothing in the real world is totally perfect. Unfortunately most things in the computer world are perfect. So you have to take extra time to make things un-perfect. That's where our new randomization features come in.

Randomization works hand in hand with the instancing and distribution features we talked about in announcement 2. Instancing creates hundreds of objects and distribution arranges them into shapes and patterns but what happens when the patterns are a little too regular? You randomize them!

These three features together are fantastic at populating your scene with lots of "stuff". Sometimes you just want to fill the frame up with stuff and you aren't too particular about the fine points of where that stuff is. Want an extra 100 objects? No problem. Randomize their rotation? Done. Randomize it a little more? Done. Now animate their Y position while slightly drifting in some random rotation? Sounds complicated but in 3D ProAnimator it's really just a couple of clicks.

And what if you are particular? What if you do want that third object from the left to be rotated an extra four degrees? Well 3D ProAnimator has you covered there too. Even though your objects are being distributed and randomized you can always come in and tweak an individual object so it's in just the right place.

That's where you get the "powerful" and the "easy" parts combined. You get the project done quicker and easier, but still have the ability to fine tune individual elements to make your project perfect. Overall it saves you time and reduces your headaches.

To watch Randomization in action, click here.

New Feature #8: Normal Mapping

Normal Mapping makes your textures look extra juicy.

3D ProAnimator has always supported bump maps to give your textures realistic bumps and dents. However, it's now time to take Bump maps to the next level.

Say hello to Normal Maps. Have you seen those blue and pink pictures that look kind of funny? Well those are Normal Maps and they will make your textures look ultra realistic!

We have upgraded all of our materials to use normal maps. This means that when you buy 3D ProAnimator 8, you are also receiving 200+ realistic materials with normal maps, reflection maps, specular maps, transparency maps and diffuse maps. This is a huge value in itself, and we're including it for free with the program. Dang, we're really nice.

We'll still support bump maps so all of your old textures are safe, but if you know how to build, or buy, or download materials with normal maps built in, you'll be able to add luscious-looking textures to your everyday work.

To watch Normal Mapping in action, click here.

Now that we've shown you all eight of the big new features of 3D ProAnimator 8 we're sure you're squirming in your seat to get your hands on it. Well, we are just as stoked about this release as you are, so you won't have to wait much longer. 3D ProAnimator 8 with the new features, real-time rendering and over 200 free materials will be released mid next week! So stop waiting on your renders and get ready for the fastest raytrace rendering system in motion graphics. Seriously.

If you missed any of the first six big new features, then you missed a lot! Learn about the Reactor Rendering System, Camera Focus, Instancing, Object Distribution, Image-Based Lighting, and Interactive Ambient Occlusion here.

Be sure to check your email for the release announcement of 3D ProAnimator 8. Coming soon!

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