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Posted by Alex 06/17/2015 4 Comment(s) After Effects CC 2015,

Hey Everyone!

Today Adobe announced the 2015 release of Creative Cloud. It's full of awesome new features and speed improvements. The Bad News is that it breaks all our plug-ins. Actually AE CC 2015 breaks everyone's plug-ins, not just ours. The good news is that we have updated two of our top plug-ins and are working on the others. Here are the details:

The Compatible Ones

3D ProAnimator AE and 3D Invigorator PRO are completely compatible with FREE updates. We are now on v8.6.0 so be sure to go download those now:

Not Yet Compatible

3D Flag, 3D Serpentine, 3D Warps are not yet compatible, but we're working on it. They should be ready to go in no time.

Not Yet Scheduled

3D Reflector, The Werks, and 3D Layer Tools are not yet scheduled to be CC 2015 compatible. We are not saying they won't be updated, we are just saying that for the time being they are not in our queue. However, with that being said, we are always up for change. If you have a strong desire to get these plug-ins working on AE CC 2015 let us know! If we have enough of you pooring out your hearts then we'll bump it into the queue.

An Awesome Workaround

You can open AE CC 2015 projects inside of AE CC 2014! This means that you can do all of your work in CC 2015, then when you're ready to add the awesome Zaxwerks effects that are not yet CC 2015 compatible you can open that project in CC 2014 and add your effects. However, by default when you download and install Adobe CC 2015, it will overwrite CC 2014. If you want to keep CC 2014 (which you definitely should) you need to uncheck the checkbox "Overwrite Old Versions" under the Advanced tab. 

4 Comment(s)

Steve Q:
06/17/2015, 03:46:02 PM

Hi is the latest version still compatible with AE CS6? I have v4 and wish to upgrade. I also just got a new system up and running, which beggs the question, I would need to do a fresh install? Or do I need to install v4 on the new system first in order to take advantage of the upgrade, or will i need to purchase an intire new install at full price? thanks

Alex Dow:
07/15/2015, 06:12:04 PM

Hi Steve,

ProAnimator and 3D Invigorator PRO v8.6 are still compatible with AECS6. You can purchase the upgrade at a discounted price by selecting the upgrade option on the product page you wish to purchase.

Once you upgrade, you will receive new download links that will do a fresh install of your new program.

Alex Dow

Berthold Schinke:
06/18/2015, 08:37:25 AM,

Hi, I would appreciate if you also update 3D Reflector, The Werks, and 3D Layer Tools. Many users have acquired the whole bundle und if this doesn't work in that easy way as we are used to, it would say "what a pity". Switching over to CC2014 should be only an interim solution. Kind regards Bert

Alex Dow:
07/15/2015, 06:30:13 PM

Hi Bert,

We are currently working on updates to the products you mentioned. You'll be notified when a fix has been released.

Thanks for your support!

Alex Dow

Edward Nachman:
06/18/2015, 11:07:10 AM

I didn't see the message about 3D Flag compatibility when I called you earlier. Unfortunately, I didn't save the 2014 edition of any applications of Adobe. I'll be careful next time. Hopefully, the 3D Flag update will come soon as ... in no time.

matt von Wahdle:
07/02/2015, 04:38:41 PM

When will Flag 3D be updated to support AE CC2015?

Alex Dow:
07/15/2015, 06:32:03 PM

Hi Matt,

We are currently in the process of creating 3D Flag version 4. Version 4 will be compatible with AE CC2015 as well as have many new features. Just so you're aware, version 4 will be a paid upgrade, but will be a very reasonable upgrade price for our current users.

Thanks for the patience.

Alex Dow

Matt von Wahlde:
08/03/2015, 04:31:34 PM

Great. I don't mind paying for upgrades at all, as long as you keep in step with the Adobe Products. Flag is a unique product. One of my favorite special purpose plugins.

Alex Dow:
11/02/2015, 12:03:17 PM

Hi Matt, Just so you know, 3D Flag version 4 is now shipping and is CC 2015 compatible. It also has many new features that speed up your workflow. Let me know if you have any questions.

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