50 Animations In One Day

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How to do 50 3D Animations in a single day with 3D ProAnimator!

Hey guys.  We posted this for the first time over 10 years ago!  Going through the archives we realized that making 50 animations in a single day is now even EASIER! 

How is this possible, you ask?

Read on...

Step 1 - Create and animate the first intro using 3D ProAnimator. Each letter falls into position one at a time, spinning and building the player's title in an eye-catching 3D way. Your first animation is now done. (That oversimplifies the design process, sorry, but design isn’t the point of this post.)

Step 2 - Now you get to redo the same work 50 times, for the rest of the titles.  Yuck! This is NOT FUN. The fun was over after Step 1 leaving days of grunt work.  In fact, doing large quantities of 3D titles is such a pain you usually skip 3D entirely and go straight to 2D. Right?  Not anymore, ProAnimator has changed all that.

Step 3 - Create a text file with each player on its own line: First name, Last name, Team, Playing Position, or anything else you want. Make sure each element is separated with a tab. You can use any text program (Textedit, Word, Notepad even Excel).

Step 4 - To do each of the other animations all you have to do is go to the Text Substitution panel in 3D ProAnimator and load in your text file. Now as you cycle through your players the old artwork is replaced with the new artwork.  The models, materials and animation are all rebuilt for you, even if the names have different numbers of letters. The scene simply "blinks" and the next animation is ready to render.

Step 5 - Using ProAnimator’s real-time rendering, it can take less time to render the animation than it does to type the names into the text file. How about that for “not your usual 3D program?” It takes more time to read this post than it does to do the 3D animation and rendering!


In thousands of cases 3D ProAnimator has paid for itself with the first job.

“If time is money, and time is short, then 3D ProAnimator is your best friend.” - Zax Dow

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