"I don't know how anybody makes graphics without Zaxwerks. Seriously."
- Brent Willett
"I look at my tools like a roster of players on a team. ProAnimator went from the end of the bench to something I use in nearly every project."
- Scott
"Awesome. Thank you! As always you guys are ahead of the game."
- Susan J.
"I haven’t even unpacked the last release and you’re out with another one? You folks, ROCK!" -John O.
"Their modeling tools are the best and most flexible for motion graphics I've ever used in 2 decades."
- Scott L.
"I like the way this program looks visually and how easy it is to design with. Great stuff. I'm in!"
- Ron A.
"Works like Zax embellishments, does what he says it will do."
- OlympiaLogger
"Breathless!! Thank you Zaxwerks. May the power of 3D keep growing with you!"
- Romir