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Zaxwerks Holiday Promo

December 15th, 2014

Free 1 on 1 Motion Graphics Training

November 26th, 2014

Get up to two hours of Zaxwerks Safety Net service for FREE when you buy 3D ProAnimator or 3D Invigorator PRO during our Black Friday special.

Is training keeping you from getting 3D ProAnimator?  If you're afraid to commit because you don't know if you'll be able to learn the software, then we have something that will be very interesting to you. 

For the next 6 days you can get two free hours of Zaxwerks Safety Net service when you buy 3D ProAnimator 8, or one free hour when you buy 3D Invigorator PRO 8.  That's up to $200 of services for free!

Use your Safety Net service via Skype for personal training, workflow integration assistance, or project inspection to help you make your animations look fantastic and render super fast.

The value doesn't stop there.  We're so sure you'll love the new ProAnimator 8 or Invigorator PRO 8 that we'll also give you 30% off the regular price and back it up with a 30 day money back guarantee.  How's that for festive?

We've never made this offer before, but we've found that people are buying inferior software just because it's cheaper.  Don't get fooled.  Our software comes with an 18 year track record with billions of pixels rendered.  It is the secret weapon of professionals across the globe.

Go now to the Zaxwerks website and find out how 3D motion graphics can be a lot less work and a lot more profitable than you ever imagined. The sale ends at midnight December 1st so don't delay.

The Zaxwerks Team

The details:
- Use discount code: BLACKFRIDAY during checkout.
- The sale is on ALL Zaxwerks products. Get 30% off of upgrades and bundles too! Yep, bundles too!

What is 3D ProAnimator?

3D ProAnimator is software for creating motion graphics without needing a big 3D program to do it.  The tools are very specialized and can quickly turn your 2D artwork into 3D. 3D ProAnimator doesn't require the long hours of training to learn and doesn't take too much time to operate.  You can create 3D title and logo animations very quickly.  You can import 3D models and animate them.  You can bend and twist your 3D objects.  You can fracture your 3D objects and animate the pieces.  You can create concert lighting very easily. You can create soft shadows, reflections, refractions, motion blur, depth of field effects and real 3D lens flares. 

But 3D ProAnimator's greatest strength is for versioning.  Once you have a "first version" completed all other versions are created automatically.  Your software will sit and crank out animation after animation unattended while you are doing other things.  3D ProAnimator comes in two flavors, a standalone version for use with any video editing program, and an After Effects plug-in version for designers. To find out more click here.

What is 3D Invigorator PRO?

3D Invigorator PRO is an After Effects plug-in for creating 3D motion graphics directly inside of After Effects.  It renders much faster than After Effects' own 3D does, even without special video cards. It can also import 3D objects and has modeling tools, which After Effects cannot do at all.  Like 3D ProAnimator it is designed for 3D titles, logo animations and other motion graphics tasks.  So it doesn't do character animation but if you need motion graphics it's the best tool for the job.

3D Invigorator PRO uses the AE timeline to set keyframes for object motion.  It also uses the AE comp camera and lights. To find out more click here.

What's the difference between
3D Invigorator PRO and ProAnimator?

There are several differences.  First 3D Invigorator PRO only works as a plug-in so if you don't have After Effects or don't feel comfortable using After Effects, then ProAnimator is the software for you.

Second, 3D Invigorator PRO uses the AE timeline to set keyframes.  This tends to make animations from 3D Invigorator look more simple than the ones that come from ProAnimator because managing lots of keyframes is hard work.  ProAnimator has a special way of handling keyframes that makes it easy to have very complicated motions.

Third, 3D ProAnimator excels at doing versioning.  3D Invigorator PRO is better at versioning than most every other 3D program on the planet, in fact that's what it's famous for, but 3D ProAnimator is "amazingly" good at versioning.  It takes versioning to a whole new level where one guy can create the graphics that used to take a team to do.

Fourth, 3D ProAnimator has the tools to fragment 3D objects and animate them in various ways.  This is where 3D ProAnimator's special way of handling keyframes really shows its muscle.  When you fragment something into thousands of pieces you don't want to animate each piece individually. 3D ProAnimator gives you detailed control over the motion without setting one keyframe.

Fifth, 3D ProAnimator can animate the concert lighting rigs whereas 3D Invigorator can make the rigs but can't animate them.  Animated concert lighting adds a level of excitement to your graphics that is compelling to watch but very labor intensive to create.

Other than those things the two programs are mainly the same.  They both create and color 3D models the same way.  They both have depth of field and motion blur.  They both can create the same beautiful reflections, refractions and shadows.  They can both import 3D models and have the same modeling tools.  Both tools are amazing but 3D ProAnimator can do more, and its animation system is best in class. To find out more click here.

Watch the 3D ProAnimator 8 Release Video

Watch the 3D Invigorator 8 Release Video

Free Layered Cake 3D Model

November 20th, 2014

Zaxwerks User Wins Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards

November 6th, 2014

3D ProAnimator is a tool that allows artists to quickly create volumes of 3D animations in real-world time. An artist that used this capability to his advantage is Scott Novasic. Scott just won an emmy for rebranding the entire Chicago network. Just him. Not a team. One guy with two computers and a kickass bachelor pad. See his work below.

Contact scott at

3D Invigorator PRO 8 Released

October 30th, 2014

It's fast, it's powerful and it's chock full of new features all ready to make beautiful 3D motion graphics at breakneck speeds.  3D Invigorator PRO 8 has been released and it's available for purchase. Go get it now!

To find out more about 3D Invigorator PRO click here.

3D ProAnimator Version 8.0.2 Released

October 9th, 2014

ProAnimator 8.0.2 Release Notes
The 8.0.2 version of 3D ProAnimator is not your usual dot release.  It contains many new features as well as bug fixes. The fixes smooth out workflow and increase production speed. Zaxwerks recommends this update for all users of ProAnimator 8.

New Animation Preset Handling

Clicking the TRY button or selecting an animation preset from the Object Animations menu will now place the animation preset at the location of the first pose on the selected track.

This enables you to move the first pose to wherever in your animation you want the preset to be placed instead of always getting new presets at time 0. For instance if you want the animation preset to be placed at 4 minutes into a program, slide the first pose to the 4 minute mark before adding the animation preset.

Cmd+Clicking the TRY button also applies the preset at the first pose, except it will not change the animation markers. 

This is useful when you are playing back a section of a larger animation that starts before the time that you are inserting the preset. For instance if you insert the preset at 10 seconds but want to play the timeline from the 5 second mark.

New Animation Timeline Commands

Press the b key on your keyboard to move the work area start marker (the green marker) to the current time.

Shift+b resets the work area start marker to the global start time.

Press the n key on your keyboard to move the work area stop marker (the red marker) to the current time.

Shift+n resets the work area stop marker to the global end time.

Show Some Motion Paths - A third state has been added to the Show Motion Paths button located next to the playback controls in the Animation Timeline panel.  When you have dozens of objects or hundreds of fragments the motion paths begin to cover up the objects themselves.

This new "Show Some" motion paths option only shows up to 10 motion paths.  This lets you see the general motion of your objects, but doesn't clutter up the scene.  The other two states are Show No Paths and Show All Paths.  Motion paths are shown when a transition is selected.

Converting Instances Into Regular Objects

Instances are very fast and powerful.  There are some operations, however, which don't work with instances.

The "Expand Instances" command has been added to convert instances into individual objects. Once converted these objects will respond to warping and can have textures spread across their combined faces. This command can be found in the object list next to the instanced object.

***Be careful with this command because 1000 instances, which are shown as a single line in the Object List, will turn into a very long Object List of 1000 objects!


The default mapping style has become UV(normalized).  UV(normalized) is a new type of mapping invented by Zaxwerks, that matches the size of the map used on the faces and sides.  This gives you drag and drop simplicity for mapping text and logo objects without causing seams and without stretching the map.

Typical 3D programs use Cubic mapping to minimize stretching but cubic mapping always shows seams along curving surfaces. UV(normalized) mapping eliminates these seams and is a breakthrough in mapping elegance.

All Object Styles have been completely re-worked.  They now use the new UV(normalized) mapping style, and have been adjusted to look more luscious and alive.  Reflective styles have been optimized to give more realistic results in OpenGL mode and to produce real inter-object reflections when in Ray Trace mode.

All Object Styles and materials that use reflection maps have been optimized to look better and not have pinch points at the poles.


The default lighting has been changed to a neutral color.

Light fixtures have been optimized to render faster.

Pipes and trusses now have a material applied to make them look more realistic.  The material is called the DefaultTrussMaterial.  It is located in the Material Swatches bin and can be edited to suit the project.

There is a new parameter called Shadow/AO Jitter.  It is located in the Global Lighting Settings and is used to eliminate banding in the shadows while rendering quicker.  If you don't like the grainy-filmy look it can be turned off and the number of samples increased.


We have optimized the Anti-aliasing so the "Fast" setting renders with a higher quality and even faster rendering speeds.  You will now find that Fast anti-aliasing is sufficient for most occasions and is blazingly fast. If you really need higher quality anti-aliasing use the Good setting.

There is almost no need to ever use the Better or Best anti-aliasing levels.  The visual quality is nearly identical to Good but it takes a much longer time to render.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion now works with Shadow Catcher layers.  This means you can get that great ambient occlusion look on objects casting shadows onto AE layers or when you create the "infinite background" type of look.

Object Drawing

Fixed an issue where drawing shapes in the Object Drawing window could cause the program to crash.

Announcing 3D Invigorator PRO 8

September 22th, 2014

3D Invigorator Pro 8 is coming soon!   This release will really be something special.  If you've been watching the ProAnimator release videos you'll know that we have a new rendering engine called Reactor, which is real time GPU and near real time Ray tracing.  That would be good enough for an upgrade by itself, but we are going off the deep end and adding new instancing and object distribution/randomization controls so you can fill your scenes with thousands of objects and millions of polygons with minimal effort.

  • New Feature List:
  • Real-Time GPU Rendering
  • Near Real-Time Ray Tracing
  • Real-Time Camera Focus with Depth Of Field
  • 3D Object Duplication
  • Real-time Ambient Occlusion
  • Image-Based Lighting
  • Real-Time Randomization
  • Normal Mapping
  • 200+ Free Materials
  • Plus even more free presets!

Sneak Peek - Free 3D ProAnimator Course

September 22th, 2014

We've been doing a lot of tutorials lately but we've been getting comments that it would be really nice to have a more complete course. One that will take you step by step through the entire process.  Well you spoke and we listened!

Today we are releasing a preview of the course to get your creative juices flowing. The two videos cover mostly the same material, but one is for the ProAnimator stand-alone and one is for the ProAnimator plug-in for After Effects.

This movie is the first tutorial from the course and it's called "How To Create An Entire 3D Title Animation In 2 Minutes".  Of course the tutorial really takes about 30 minutes because of all the talking that Zax does along the way. (ha.)  It introduces you to the major concepts in creating an animation and gives little tips and tricks that will save you time. 

If you are a beginning user it's a must to watch.  If you are more experienced it's something to watch during your lunch break as you never know if there's a little something you'll pick up just by watching someone else operate the program.

The rest of the course will be released very soon. Be sure to sign up for the course so you'll be notified when it's ready to go!

3D ProAnimator Up And Running - Chapter 2 - Tutorial 1A (Standalone Version)

3D ProAnimator Up And Running - Chapter 2 - Tutorial 1B (After Effects Plug-in Version)

Missouri Valley Football Open by Brent Willett

September 22th, 2014

This animation blew our mind since everything is done completely inside of the 3D ProAnimator Stand-alone. This includes the modeling of hundreds of objects, lights, the camera focus, and of course the incredible 3D objects. Watch this video for a whole lot of inspiration.

Alex Dow Featured on RFShow.TV

September 20th, 2014

Alex Dow from Zaxwerks shows off the new 3D ProAnimator 8 for RFShow.TV. Check out the 3D tool that everyone is talking about and how simple and powerful it is. Alex shows how to build a complete animation, step by step, as well as some interesting project break-downs. Find out how fast the software really is, and how you can use it in your day to day production.

Zax Dow Featured on All Things Post

September 18th, 2014

Zax Dow, CEO of Zaxwerks, Inc. is featured on the latest episode of the All Things Post podcast. The interview covers a range of topics and is entertaining as well as informative. Somewhere in the show you’ll hear the special code to receive a 40% discount off of the new 3D ProAnimator 8 (good for one week only).

Eran Stern Releases 3D Typography Course
Highlights 3D Invigorator PRO 8

August 18th, 2014

The great news about version 8 keeps coming in!

After Effects guru, Eran Stern, has done a course on 3D Typography for the training site. Eran compares six methods for creating 3D type inside of After Effects.

The six methods are:

The After Effects CUDA Ray Tracer
Maxon Cineware
Mettle ShapeShifter
Boris Continuum
Zaxwerks Invigorator PRO
Video CoPilot Element 3D

Eran builds a hero frame in Photoshop, then shows you how to build that same frame and animate it inside of After Effects using each of the six methods. This unique course is a fantastic resource because Eran rebuilds the same project six times, comparing each method and discussing the advantages and limitations.

Eran also points out special features that are outside the scope of his project, but which show you how far beyond 3D text that you can go with each plug-in involved.

Here are some snippets of what Eran says about Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO v8.

"I really love this effect. I think it is very intuitive and the new version is much faster and more responsive. It performed very well in our tests."

"Invigorator PRO is quite unique in terms of render options. It actually supports both Open GL as well as Ray Tracing. I think Zaxwerks has one of the most realistic results."

"The plug-in's 3D unified space is very useful in terms of shadows and shading, and we got excellent results. Note that we barely scratched the surface here. This tool can do much more."

"Invigorator PRO has so much to offer, it would be almost a crime not to give you at least a glimpse of the extra features. For example, you can import 3D objects, bend layers, also add reflections, refractions, complex textures and much more."

"This version of Invigorator PRO is without a doubt a game changer for 3D inside of AE."

Thank you Eran! You rock!

If you'd like to watch Eran's excellent course, (we highly recommend that you do!) please go to

If you don't have a membership Eran has offered a free trial through this link:

SPECIAL NOTE: Eran was given an advance copy of 3D Invigorator PRO v8. As we ready this software for release we noticed that some of the limitations he mentioned in his course are no longer limitations of the soon-to-be-shipping version.

For instance, Depth of Field will be in the shipping version so there's no need to fake it. Invigorator's Shadow Catcher feature enables you to cast shadows from Invigorator objects onto AE's 3D planes so you get an even better unified 3D look. Also, Invigorator PRO's renderer has been further optimized so the rendering times are even faster than he reports. In some cases much faster.

Go Zaxwerks rendering elves!

Review - Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator 8 Review
by VFXer - VFX & Motion Graphics

August 8th, 2014

The experts at the VFXer website have taken a look at ProAnimator 8 and pronounced it good! They've done a detailed review of the software and posted it on their site Remember, these guys come from a high-end viewpoint where production quality and speed are everything.

The reviewer is also proficient in Element 3D and Cinema 4D and took the time to point out the advantages of ProAnimator compared to those two programs.

"I've spent the last few weeks experimenting with ProAnimator 8. Having not used ProAnimator before, I was surprised by what the software had to offer."

"The ray trace renderer has been completely re-written for ProAnimator 8 and the speed is extremely impressive - even on older machines."

"The impressive part of the ambient occlusion, image-based lighting and camera focus effects is that they don't appear to slow down the render time at all, which they tend to do with other 3D software."

"ProAnimator 8 is a no-brainer purchase if you are a video editor or graphic designer who wants to use 3D design elements, or you are a working motion artist who does a lot of broadcast and corporate work. The software will save you a huge amount of time and will pay for itself in no time at all."

"For motion design work, I don't know of any other 3D tool that would allow you to get the job done as fast as ProAnimator 8."

Not too shabby!

To read the complete review, as well as watch some fine tutorials, get free downloads and other goodies, go to the website here:

3D ProAnimator Tutorial - Distributing and Animating Duplicated Objects Into 3D Shapes

August 4th, 2014

Download assets here:

In this tutorial we go over the basics of object distribution and object duplication in 3D ProAnimator. Learn how to duplicate your 3D objects and then distribute them into any 3D shape. Then take those distributed shapes and animate between them extremely fast and easy. You will also learn how to mesh a ProAnimator object to subdivide an object and give it more vertice points.

To watch more Zaxwerks tutorials visit:

To find out more about 3D ProAnimator Standalone visit:

To find out more about 3D ProAnimator Plug-in for After Effects visit:

Real-Time 3D - Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator 8 Is Now Available!

July 22th, 2014

It's finally here! 3D ProAnimator 8 has been released and is now available for purchase! 3D ProAnimator 8 has hundreds of new features, all dedicated to making your 3D motion graphics more beautiful and rendering them at breakneck speeds.

If you've been watching the sneak peeks you are already familiar with the Reactor Rendering System and how incredibly fast it renders. Real-time GPU rendering. Near real-time ray tracing. Camera Focus. Juicy Textures. Millions of polygons. The list goes on and on.

All together version 8 is our biggest release ever. 3D ProAnimator 8 gives you the speed and power to create stunning motion graphics right on your laptop or desktop computer.

Download the demo, or go buy it today! Click here.

3D ProAnimator 8 is designed to pay for itself in the time you save and the higher quality of work you can produce. Besides the new stuff, 3D ProAnimator comes with the most easy to use, workflow-designed feature set in the motion graphics business.

Whether you are a seasoned After Effects professional, or a beginning video editor you will find no other software that combines this level of powerful features with the ease of use and blazing rendering speed to get the job done.

Take a moment to watch our release video here, and share it with your friends.

Sneak Peek! 3D ProAnimator 8 - New Features Revealed (Part 4)

July 10th, 2014

Can you believe that we are already on the fourth set of new features for 3D ProAnimator 8! We told you this was a big release, right? But eight major new features in one release is crazy! It's like a treasure chest of goodies. Every feature is a gem designed to get your work done faster and make more beautiful images.

If for some reason you missed a feature or two, you can find email links to the first three announcements at the bottom of this email. Believe me you will want to discover just how special the Reactor Rendering System, and all the other great new features are. During this next week we'll continue to sell v7, but you'll get v8 for free once it ships.

Today's two big new features are focused on increasing the production quality by making your scene look more interesting. In earlier emails we revealed features that make your work look more real. Well these two do that too but in a different way. Today's big new features focus on randomness and texture.

So let's take a look.

New Feature #7: Randomize Yourself Silly

Randomize any object's scale, rotation or location.

Nothing in the real world is totally perfect. Unfortunately most things in the computer world are perfect. So you have to take extra time to make things un-perfect. That's where our new randomization features come in.

Randomization works hand in hand with the instancing and distribution features we talked about in announcement 2. Instancing creates hundreds of objects and distribution arranges them into shapes and patterns but what happens when the patterns are a little too regular? You randomize them!

These three features together are fantastic at populating your scene with lots of "stuff". Sometimes you just want to fill the frame up with stuff and you aren't too particular about the fine points of where that stuff is. Want an extra 100 objects? No problem. Randomize their rotation? Done. Randomize it a little more? Done. Now animate their Y position while slightly drifting in some random rotation? Sounds complicated but in 3D ProAnimator it's really just a couple of clicks.

And what if you are particular? What if you do want that third object from the left to be rotated an extra four degrees? Well 3D ProAnimator has you covered there too. Even though your objects are being distributed and randomized you can always come in and tweak an individual object so it's in just the right place.

That's where you get the "powerful" and the "easy" parts combined. You get the project done quicker and easier, but still have the ability to fine tune individual elements to make your project perfect. Overall it saves you time and reduces your headaches.

To watch Randomization in action, click here.

New Feature #8: Normal Mapping

Normal Mapping makes your textures look extra juicy.

3D ProAnimator has always supported bump maps to give your textures realistic bumps and dents. However, it's now time to take Bump maps to the next level.

Say hello to Normal Maps. Have you seen those blue and pink pictures that look kind of funny? Well those are Normal Maps and they will make your textures look ultra realistic!

We have upgraded all of our materials to use normal maps. This means that when you buy 3D ProAnimator 8, you are also receiving 200+ realistic materials with normal maps, reflection maps, specular maps, transparency maps and diffuse maps. This is a huge value in itself, and we're including it for free with the program. Dang, we're really nice.

We'll still support bump maps so all of your old textures are safe, but if you know how to build, or buy, or download materials with normal maps built in, you'll be able to add luscious-looking textures to your everyday work.

To watch Normal Mapping in action, click here.

Now that we've shown you all eight of the big new features of 3D ProAnimator 8 we're sure you're squirming in your seat to get your hands on it. Well, we are just as stoked about this release as you are, so you won't have to wait much longer. 3D ProAnimator 8 with the new features, real-time rendering and over 200 free materials will be released mid next week! So stop waiting on your renders and get ready for the fastest raytrace rendering system in motion graphics. Seriously.

If you missed any of the first six big new features, then you missed a lot! Learn about the Reactor Rendering System, Camera Focus, Instancing, Object Distribution, Image-Based Lighting, and Interactive Ambient Occlusion here.

Be sure to check your email for the release announcement of 3D ProAnimator 8. Coming soon!

Sneak Peek! 3D ProAnimator 8 - New Features Revealed (Part 3)

July 8th, 2014

Remember how we said in the first announcement that 3D ProAnimator 8 is all about speed and beauty? Well it's time to announce two more big new features. These two are all about beauty, but done in a way that's really fast.

In case you haven't heard yet, we're releasing version 8 next week. If you didn't see the first two sneak peeks you missed the announcement of four big new features that will significantly change how you create 3D motion graphics. You'll be able to make unbelievably realistic pictures at incredible speeds. Features that are extremely flexible and will save your project's budget when it's time to make changes.

At the end of this email find links to the first two announcements and discover just how special the Reactor Rendering System is. During this next week we'll continue to sell v7, but you'll get v8 for free once it ships.

At the end of this email find links to the first two announcements and discover just how special the Reactor Rendering System is. During this next week we'll continue to sell v7, but you'll get v8 for free once it ships.

New Feature #5: Image-Based Lighting

In this image a single picture is used to create the shading and reflections

Image-Based Lighting, or IBL for short, is a way of lighting your entire scene by using nothing but a picture! You read that right. All you need to do to get completely realistic lighting is to choose a picture of the environment and 3D ProAnimator 8 takes care of the rest for you! There's no need to be a lighting expert or even take your own pictures.

Change the lighting from an exterior beach to an interior studio to a nightclub with a single click. The image sets the mood and the software creates the lighting, shading and reflections.

It's a really easy way of getting an epic look. And it's really really fast.

New Feature #6: Interactive Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion darkens the places that don't receive much light.

The sixth big new feature in 3D ProAnimator 8 could be called the reality feature. The formal name is Ambient Occlusion but you can think of it as corner darkening. This feature darkens the corners and crevices of 3D objects in a way that gives the effect of bounce lighting but without the enormous rendering hit. It makes your objects look much more realistic, and thankfully we figured out how to add Ambient Occlusion in production at real-time speeds. There is no more excuse for your work to not look incredibly realistic.

Watch the demonstration video to see ambient occlusion in action.

So there you go. Big New Features #5 and #6. We said in the last sneak peek that Big New Features #1 through 4 would make getting 3D ProAnimator v8 a no-brainer. But with the addition of Ambient Occlusion and Image-Based Lighting this new version becomes a tremendous value.

Remember too, all of this 3D happiness works directly inside of After Effects so there's no wasted time round-tripping to external programs. Of course, if After Effects isn't your cup of tea, then you can use the standalone version of 3D ProAnimator to create your motion graphics, then go directly to edit.

Be sure to check your email for the next sneak peek and spread the word! The next big new features will be revealed in just a few days!

If you missed the first two sneak peeks, then you missed a lot! Learn about the Reactor Rendering System, Camera Focus, Instancing and Object Distribution here.

Sneak Peek! 3D ProAnimator 8 - New Features Revealed (Part 2)

July 3rd, 2014

It's time to reveal the next two new features of 3D ProAnimator 8!

In case you haven't heard yet, we're releasing version 8 soon. If you didn't see the first two features you missed a doozy of an announcement. At the end of this email there's a link to read Part 1 and find out just how special the Reactor Rendering System is. During these next two weeks we'll continue to sell v7, but you'll get v8 for free once it ships.

So without further ado let’s get to the next big new feature!

New Feature #3: Instancing (Automatic Object Duplication).

This animation has one sphere instanced 8,000 times and turns from the face into the number.

The third big new feature in 3D ProAnimator 8 is called "instancing". Instancing, in simplest terms, is object duplication. However it duplicates objects in a way that's incredibly fast, and makes it easy to populate a scene with hundreds or even thousands of objects and still keep the rendering speed nice and fast. You can instance objects made of one piece, like hearts or stars. You can instance objects made of multiple pieces, like houses or cars. You can instance words or logos and you can even mix all of these kinds of objects together! There are lots of creative uses, so watch the video and see the power of instancing in action.

New Feature #4: Object Distribution

Distribute any number of objects into any possible 3D shape.

The fourth big new feature in 3D ProAnimator 8 creates big things out of small ones. Object distribution has always been a part of 3D ProAnimator but in version 8 we've made it much more flexible and powerful. We've added many new distribution styles which make it easy to create environments, backgrounds and objects made up of other objects.

Simple distributions are like arranging objects into rows, rings or grids. There are lots of uses for simple distributions like this. But the cool part comes when you can distribute objects into the shape of other objects, such as logos or other 3D models. That's when things get fun. The flexibility of 3D ProAnimator lets you try simple or fancy in a way that's so easy and fast that you don't limit your designs based on the amount of time it takes to see if something is going to work. You can just try, try, try and get where you want faster, with fewer steps.

The merging of flexibility with increased workflow speed can't be understated. With most 3D programs your budget gets wasted when clients make changes. Each change causes a domino effect of rework. But changes in 3D ProAnimator are quick and easy and can be made at any time in the production process.

For example, say you start off with a circle of stars, then you turn it into a sphere of stars, and then you turn that into a sphere of words. You end up in a completely different place than where you started because the design evolved as you created.

Now as if that's not enough, all of these distributions can be animated in the timeline. So you can turn one massive distribution into another with the objects swarming and flying from one to the next! Total creative brilliance!

It's all incredibly easy and, before 3D ProAnimator, only available in the most complicated of 3D softwares. Watch the video to see it in action.

So that's a quick overview of Big New Features #3 and #4. Add those to the new Reactor Rendering System and you can see why 3D ProAnimator 8 is going to be our biggest release ever! The sort of release that will pay for itself by increasing your creative output and saving you time, especially when there are changes.

Be sure to check your email for the next sneak peek and spread the word! The next big new features will be revealed next week!

Did you miss the first two big new features? Learn about them here!

4th of July Sale Reminder

Right now you can get 25% off all Zaxwerks products! If you buy 3D ProAnimator 7, you will receive version 8 for free once it is released. Use discount code: PROMO at checkout. Buy here.

Sneak Peek! 3D ProAnimator 8 - New Features Revealed (Part 1)

July 1st, 2014

Don’t you hate it when marketing people gush about the smallest things? We hate it too. Well 3D ProAnimator 8 is not going to cure cancer or stop global warming, but if you make your living doing motion graphics or video it may change your life.

Change your life? Seriously? OK, let me explain. If rendering speed is important to you, then you may be interested in learning more. If beautiful pictures are your sort of thing, then again you may be interested. Getting both beautiful and fast at the same time? That’s where things get really interesting.

Over the next few weeks we are going to reveal the new features of 3D ProAnimator 8. The features are deep and will significantly change how motion graphics are created. During this time we’ll continue to sell v7, but you’ll get v8 for free once it ships. At the end of the sneak peeks we’ll release the software and everything will be fun and games after that!

The first two features we are about to reveal are awesome. If you could only get these two features they would be worth the price of the software, but of course there are many other features that make the software an even better value. Are you ready? Here we go!

New Feature #1: Real-Time 3D Rendering

Boy isn't that an over-used buzzword these days! So let's put some quotes around the claim and tell you what this really means. Zaxwerks has developed a new rendering engine called the Reactor Rendering System. It is a hybrid GPU/CPU system that will do GL rendering and Ray Tracing. It uses the latest advances in rendering technology to give you broadcast quality final rendering pretty darned fast. Actually, "pretty fast" doesn't do it justice. Our testers say "incredi-freakin-ly fast" is a little closer to the truth.

We've done comparisons between Maya, C4D and Reactor and what takes a couple of minutes per frame in the other programs is taking a few seconds per frame in Reactor. By "real-time" we mean millions of polygons, with textures, on real-world hardware like laptops and moderate desktops, rendering at .03 seconds per frame or less.

Can you slow it down? Sure you can. Depends on what you throw at it. But to get real shadows and ray traced reflections this fast is shocking and very very liberating.

This is a million polygon raytraced scene that crawls in most 3D programs.

New Feature #2: Real-Time Camera Focus with
Depth Of Field

If the beauty of an image is your thing then being able to control the focus of the camera is huge. 3D ProAnimator 8 lets you set what's in focus and then move the focus distance as an animated value. This gives you the ability to highlight a subject, focusing attention on the part that matters, then change the focus to highlight another subject. It's a truly cinematic look reserved for special occasions.

The best part is that it takes almost no additional rendering time. So when we say real-time we really mean it.

Camera focus adds incredible realism to your scene.

Now that we’ve shown you the first of many new features, you can see why we think 3D ProAnimator 8 with the new Reactor Rendering System will soon be your new best friend.

Be sure to check your email and spread the word! The next two features will be revealed soon so make sure you add to your address book.

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