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Dear Zaxwerks Customers and Friends,

We are sorry to say that due to continuous changes to operating systems, host programs, and computer hardware, we've become unable to continue developing our software. We've been fortunate to have seen our software used widely and feel that we were able to make good on our goal of democratizing 3D graphics and enabling artists and editors, who do not have the time to master difficult 3D programs, a way to upgrade their video services and enhance their bottom lines.

Zaxwerks is turning the page to a new chapter, and we will have plenty of new stories to share when we see you next.

For those of you who may need your authorization codes or a copy of the software in its last released state, you may write to "support" (at) this website. However, we are unable to continue offering technical support of any kind and cannot warrant that the software will work in any way, especially on hardware and software that the Zaxwerks product was not tested on.

Thank you for your support. We wish you luck with all your future endeavors!

The Zaxwerks Team

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